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Understanding Your Gut And How To Make It Healthy

By RPG Coffee April 08, 2022

All right guys, I'm confused. Why are you still watching this video? You should be gone. You should be ordering RPG coffee. I think it's because you're not quite sure what gut health means. Guys, we are actually more bacterial cells than we are human cells. And our gut microbiome, if you look up gut microbiome, you'll see so much research out there. Gut microbiome ties to overall health, cognitive issues. Imagine a day you're having a cup of coffee that actually helps the brain fog to completely go away. That helps you to concentrate and focus better.

Guys, that's what happens when you have a amazingly balanced gut microbiome. Imagine being able to eat food and absorb all of the nutrients. Guys, in the US, we have the standard American diet. It's called the SAD diet, S-A-D, because the food in the US and really all over the world today is very void of nutrients. So what do we need? We need a good balanced gut microbiome that allows us to absorb the nutrients, gets rid of the brain fog, our energy levels go up. And guys, when you drink this coffee, you tell me because we get it every day from our customers if this is not the best cup of coffee you've ever had and the best feel that you've ever gotten from the best coffee.

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