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Healing Properties Within Acemannan

By RPG Coffee April 11, 2022

Anytime you're doing coffee, you know that if you're from the United States, they don't grow coffee here. So most of the coffee comes in from all over the world. Most of it is processed, unfortunately. If you've ever seen a soybean or you're just driving across America, you see plants growing all in a row being irrigated. Unfortunately, when you do coffee, that's a better yield, but you have to treat it with herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, and contaminant to get the yield to work.

Real coffee is found at the top of the world. High, high elevation. If you've ever seen a movie like they're in triple canopy jungle, believe it or not, that's what a true coffee plantation looks like. There's dozens, if not 40 plus indigenous trees. And the coffee plant that is below all of that canopy, what begins to happen, guys, is the birds come in. They do the pest control. It's its own ecosystem.

So when the flavor hits your mouth, you know what it's like? It's if you've ever had a real farm grass-fed beef, it tastes unbelievable. That's what it's like. And then you try to maybe go to a large chain, buy a steak and you put it on the grill. And you're like, "Man, it just, this is weird. It doesn't taste the same."

That's what it's like with coffee. So what Chris and I did, we've been everywhere in the world from Fiji to Asia to India. We've been everywhere. Tasted coffee, found what we like, what we don't like. And Colombia has always had our heart because of the amazing people down there. They're faith-based, hardworking. I mean, these are some of the world's best people. They care about each other. If you come there, they care about you. So once you get out of the cities of Colombia, once you get into the farms in the back country, these are just do anything for you type of people. They're our people.

We wanted an area that we could sustainably harvest, give fair trade, if not pay a little bit better, and begin to build relationships and trust on our own of being, "Hey, we understand farming relationship," having some of that in our history as well. We want to take care of you while you take care of our our RPG customers. And it had to blend the bean on the micro ground side, had to blend with [Ace Manon 00:02:21]. So that's a trick. I remember again, when we were in India in 2016, mixing up this stuff at 15,000 feet on the side of a mountain covered in clouds, trying to go, "Okay, how, how do I get the right formula for this?"

So fast forward to 2022, that's what comes in that delicious stick packet. So whether you're getting it from one of our food trucks, we have food trucks now all over the country serving RPG. Most likely soon we might even have our own coffee houses, because this stuff, the way the farming all the way to you works, it's almost like fork to table here in the United States. It's wonderful.

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