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Start Making Healthier Choices Drink RPG Coffee

By RPG Coffee April 07, 2022

Guys, you don't even need to use RPG. I think you should, but let's say you just didn't. What's interesting is, Chris talks about this all the time, you shouldn't need a traumatic event like, "Oh, my gosh. This happened to me, so I had to change." For cancer, most Americans now, 18 to 65, you've got... If you're a man, one out of two. If you're a woman, it's one out of three.

It's trending where these are getting bigger and bigger numbers where it's just going to affect everybody. We go back and forth with Mexico and who's the world champion for being the most obese country in the world. The average American now takes anywhere from two to five prescriptions every single day. And at some point, your quality of life is going to suffer.

At some point, guys, literally you're going to be on a cruise ship or at Walt Disney World with your kids or your grandkids going, "I just can't get up the stairs." Maybe you want to go see Ireland and it's a beautiful country, but it's not accessible. I mean, to walk the Cliffs of Moher, there are no stairs, you have to walk all of these ramps and all of these major pathways to go experience one of the greatest places in the whole wide world. That isn't the moment where you want to be like, "Man, I need to start." If you're watching this video and you love RPG and you love us just like we love you back, take this as that moment that, "Hey, right. If nothing changes and nothing will change."

Agreed. And I love what you always say, Nate, which is, "Think about the end in the beginning." What do you want that part of your life to look like? Tony Robbins talks about it all the time. He says, "Picture yourself at 80. Guess what? That's what you're going to be."

That's right.

Right? Are you picturing somebody that's just overweight and sitting in the chair or are you picturing somebody that's out there spending time with their grandkids, their great grandkids? That all starts with putting the right things in your mouth, getting up and moving. I love looking at the books called The Blue Zones where these people are a 100, 110, 120 years old, and they're moving. They're watching what they put in their mouth. They have a community of people. And like you said, you don't need to take RPG, but take the lesson of that. A community of people together, all thinking health minded and all putting the right things in, it's a different life all together.

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