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Our Secret Formula To Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle

By RPG Coffee March 22, 2022

Guys, getting out of the military is a huge transition, right? As a veteran, it's hard to re-assimilate back in. As a business owner, as a veteran, right? You still struggle with some of the things you struggled with in the military, but what I love about that transition is when you find a new mission, right?

The part that people miss from the military is having a mission, having a purpose, having a team, they get out and they lost that. I love that we brought the military feel into a company that's heart centric, right? There's a new mission. The new mission is saving people, right?


In the military, right? They'll tell you, what's your mission in the military is to go break people's stuff and take them before they take you, right? That is like the basic mission, right? Sorry, but that's true.


I love that we're able to create a new mission, a new drive. It helps to feed my heart and partnering with people like you and your beautiful wife, Jen, has just fulfilled that hole from the military.

You know what's trippy? When my dad came back from Vietnam, all my uncles, my dad, everybody went to Vietnam, they all enlisted, right? They weren't drafted. They go, "Look, I want to be in. If I got to go in, I want to be in with the people that want to be there." Right? My grandpa, same thing in world war II, right.? "I want to be with the people that want to be there." RPG has a lot of those core values.

Now here's what's weird about the diet, right? Talk to my dad, talk to my uncles, right? The can openers, right? Everybody who's my age older will understand when I do this what this means for that can opener, right? Processed foods. I mean, chemicals, right? Talk about just almost like an agent orange in your diet, right? MRE's, all of this nonsense. Now, fast forward to today, both of my sons are in the Marine Corps and the army, and they're eating the sames from fricking Vietnam. They're getting the PMags from pre-desert storm, right? This is still how things are run.

Fast forward to RPG, well, we want to take those best of those values, right? Of people like my dad, right? That honesty, that loyalty, that hard work, that integrity, that patriotism, their love for their country, but understanding that we're also part of the world, right? It's not us against them anymore, right? It's collaborative. That's the new 2022.

When you get to partner with Chris, right? Who served this country, right? You get to partner with people like my dad, right? The seventies era, back all the way to now, we got people on our team, guys, that are in their nineties, eighties, sixties, participating in their affiliate program. Why? Because they feel better. They want to make a difference, right?

Our veteran community, whether it's Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, or Home Base, right? Or the Eagles Healing Nest, just all of these people that are reaching out to make a difference in their community. Well, look, it's a forced multiplier through RPG, because our purpose is to keep them healthy.

You know what it feels like to not feel good. You do, right? You can't get out of bed. You don't even want to get up and go to the bathroom, let alone get something healthy to eat or drink. If all we did was help you feel better, faster, right? Support the body so it heals faster. Support the body so you can do more and you can give more. Look, our friend, Tony Robbins and Chris as our CO says this all the time, the real secret to living is actually giving. If we can give you a simple formula to keep you healthier, or if you have an issue, you get better, faster, that's RPG.

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