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Enjoy Coffee With No Harm To Your Gut

By RPG Coffee April 18, 2022

Getting healthy, it's interesting, because wouldn't be great if there's just some magic pill you could take, right? You just take it. All of a sudden, you look like the Rock. You're able to lift 1,000 pounds. All your aches and discomfort go away. But it just doesn't really exist, right? It's all of these simple daily disciplines we talk about compounding over time.


Let me give you a real-world example. Most people right now, they're stopping at a chain, and they're like... Have you ever seen them clean a machine up the chain, ever? Literally when Chris and I fly, two weeks out of the month minimum we're on the road. Have you ever noticed the flight attendants bring their own coffee on the plane?


Right? They get all you can drink free coffee and you never seen them take a sip, right? Again, you're just like, two plus two is four.

So coffee is exploded, right? It's that feel good, like, "Man, I just get this for me," moment for most people. Tell us about RPG Super Coffee, and not only the health benefits, but that replacing the spending and getting something that's a healthy choice, that only makes them feel better, but changes the world.

100%. We get the feedback all the time. People love the RPG Super Coffee. They say, "Man, what is different about this coffee?" I love the fact that we were able to go to Columbia. We were able to get this high mountain, shade-grown, meet the farmers, pick the beans... But while we were there, we had such an amazing time of hand-roasting these beans and getting it to that fine micro-grind.

Then guys, the side benefit of adding the RPG aloe, not only does it take the acidity out... Because most people love coffee. They just don't love what it does to their guts. Right?

That's right.

They're like, "Oh boy, that was going to help me for the rest of the day." Right? So not only do they like that, but the flavor's amazing, right? They say it tastes like a hot chocolate in their mouth. They love that part. But the increase of the stem cells when we're taking in the RPG Coffee, all those amazing things that it does.

And they love... We were just at the Shot Show together and people were coming in, spending tons of bucks at the other stars of the coffee world, right? $8 for a coffee that they said hurt their belly all day.

That's right.

So they took samples from us at the show and they were like, "Oh my God." Every single, 100% of them said, "Man, this is amazing." One of our greatest gifts was the law enforcement officers that came back and they were addicted to energy drinks. They came back in and they were so excited. They said, "I've been three days without an energy drink. Man, do I feel better. I didn't get a headache. I just replaced it with the RPG Coffee, replaced all that expense."

And they got their time back. Right? They were spending 20, 30, 40 minutes in line to get a coffee that bothered- their stomach all day long. They loved the idea of saving money. They loved the idea that they were getting healthy. They loved the idea the taste of the coffee. And the ultimate was that there's a give back. 50% of the net proceeds going to take care of veterans, law enforcement, first responders. huge benefit for them. Huge benefit for what we do in their stead.

I love it. So guys, a few different ways to get it. One, just You can order a sample pack. You can order your bag of coffee.

Second way to get it is become an RPG Warrior. Right? Great program. You get a massive discount, free shipping. It's just unbelievable. Cancel at any time.

Third way is if you're like here at the beautiful facility we're at today and you want to order it in bulk, we've got that available option too. So God bless.

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