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Start Taking Care Of Your Body Today

By RPG Coffee April 21, 2022

Guys look at any point in time, you can change your health, right? Your health is going to be your first wealth, whether you like it or not, you were given one body it's probably best to take care of it. So here's an example, on our team we've got guys who are just now returning from their deployments, right? They're veterans. Matter of fact, they're working with a amazing group at the VA to try to get their disability handled. We've got guys like Chris and I that are in the 40 plus club that just look, based on injuries and Chris in the military, having Lime disease myself, being a pretty traumatic event that just say, look, enough's enough. I need something to change. We've got people in our team now in sixties, seventies, and eighties going, "Look, I've got memory issues. I've got cognitive function problems. There's got to be something in nature that I can take in the right efficacy, in the right therapeutic dose that's going to make a difference in my life. And that's where everybody from all of these demographics have come to RPG.

And guys, when we start looking at, do we need to wait for an event to take control of our health? I think one of the greatest gifts we've been given over the last couple years, Nate, is that people are recognizing, this is all we get, to your point, this is the only body we get. We take care of our cars. We change our oil, right? Change the tires, and then we don't take care of ourselves. So the truth is at any point in your life, there is a moment of decision. And I would love for people to make it earlier in life than later. If I had this intel when I was younger, if I had this technology when I was younger, I'd be a totally different human being.

So I think the blessing of everything that we've gone through is people are recognizing that this is all we have in our life is taking care of ourselves, taking care of our body. That's the life that we should be living, removing those limitations, that bad health, bad diet get. And when they get to the other side of it, we know what that feels like.

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