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Where Is Acemannan found and what does it do?

By RPG Coffee April 21, 2022

Aloe is always an interesting topic because these long-chain, short-chain polysaccharides are, right?
Sugars make up the aloe plant. Some of them have healing properties, and others have a glycemic index.

If you cut that stem off a big Aloe vera plant, no matter where it's from, and look inside the middle, it is that gooey Aloe vera.

Acemannan comes from the inner Aloe leaf. It's that dark green on the inside. So it's not the gooey middle; it's actually that dark green liner.

So right now in the world, where does the best Acemannan come from? It comes from two places. One is Costa Rica, and this tiny island chain in the South China Sea is very volcanic.
It creates some of the world's best Acemannan.

So we take our Acemannan, and we used to bring it in through, ship it into the country of Columbia and have it put together with our formula in with the micro-ground coffee.

In 2022, we bring all of those key ingredients from all over the world and actually bring them into Texas and Michigan, where the assembly happens. So we don't get caught with the shipping. We don't have the same issues that most companies are having now bringing products in.

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