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Start Your Healthy Journey With RPG Coffee

By RPG Coffee April 25, 2022

It's interesting. I think there's moments for everybody. One of those moments for me, as I was helping my wife, Jen, put away laundry and I hold up this pair of pants and it starts with a four. You're talking 40, 50 inch waist. It's a pretty large person. And you're like, "Okay, how did somebody else's laundry get mixed in with ours?" "No, those are your pants." Nobody else wears pants at this size. And you'll have that moment.

Another moment for me was after my car accident. You just don't feel good. Depression's probably the right word to use. You're just depressed, you just don't feel right. You're lacking energy, you hurt, you're not sleeping well, you're not making very good food choices. And again, it's calories in, calories out plus inflammation. You're just going to get sore and puffy.

What tends to happen, like it did for me, for seven years, I was going to the doctor, I was working my neurologist. I was working with this amazing medical group of people. But again, their standard of care is more prescriptions, less diet concerns, the water you're drinking, the air you're breathing. They're not focused on any of that stuff. It was more doctor's appointments, more on their stuff. Hey, it was like practicing medicine. I'm like, "Are we actually going to do this and get better or are we just going to continue to practice?" Well, 6, 7, 8 prescriptions a day, 10 to 16 Advil a day, you come to the point where "Okay, this just isn't working." Doesn't mean we have to stop. It just means we need to be open to other options.

And that's where in the physical therapy, in the eating right, the water we were drinking, literally the air we were breathing. Indoor air quality is like the new smoking, all of this stuff. Now fast forward to "Okay. I'm fat, sick, and tired. Constantly sore." Well now, "Okay. You need to dig deep and start finding ways to get to the gym, to make better food choices." So you just start these little micro changes. Well, now for me, I'm on good side of 50. I actually feel better than I did any of those seven years after my accident. So it's crazy when you have these little things happen.

Here would be another example. My wife and I have been married for almost 28 years and she loves me to death, but she's not necessarily sneaking a peak when you're getting out of the shower anymore because there's just nothing that you signed up for to look at.

So these are those moments and you're thinking, "Okay, 20 years from now, if I don't do something about this now, if I don't start now, it's not going to get easier. Matter of fact, it's going to get harder." So we looked at better nutrients, for my cognitive, I got a brain injury. Well, what did they eat a hundred to 200 years ago. Before chemicals, what did you put in your body to heal your body, to heal your brain, to raise your adult stem cell count, to modulate your immune system, to get inflammation under control. What did they literally do? And now pay that forward and what can I do now? What's one thing that I could do now? And that's where we really applied it to the health side and the better we felt, weird, the better we slept, the better food we ate. And now it's just a compounding effect in a great direction.

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