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RPG Aloe Can Improve Your Health

By RPG Coffee April 24, 2022

Welcome, everybody. Chris Capozzoli here, CEO of RPG, Real People Giving. Thank you so much for coming to look at our RPG Aloe. For thousands of years, aloe's been used, right? Our grandmothers had aloe on the countertops. If you got wounded, they would break it open and put it on the wound or on the burn. It's an amazing molecule. But what they found in the early '80s is one part of the polysaccharide of aloe called acemannan. Acemannan is just one small part, but that one small part is so important. Our process of removing the acemannan molecule, stabilizing it, and getting it to the right molecular weight is the difference between aloe and RPG Aloe. What does that mean when we get it there? It mimics the same sugar that a pregnant woman makes called menos when we consume it.

What does that mean? Helps to balance the gut microbiome. It helps to modulate the immune system. If it's overreactive, it brings it down. If it's underreactive, it brings it up. It helps absorb fat and water soluble vitamins and minerals up to 370%. It helps to balance the gut microbiome. And it turns on the body, so it has a normal response to inflammation and all the other things going on. So really, what is it? It's a force multiplier for all of your health. So imagine being able to have a balanced gut microbiome. What does that mean? Less brain fog, more absorption. Guys, RPG Aloe, we're the cutting edge, the best of the best out there for acemannan in the world. We're so glad to bring it to you. We hope that it changes your life the way it's changed ours.

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