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That RPG Super Coffee Rush

By RPG Coffee June 13, 2022

One of the main reasons we came up with RPG Super Coffee is to support veterans, the military, and the first responder community.

You have what we call a kit. You'd get ready to go to work, drink a coffee, and suddenly, you're rushing to get out of the stuff. It's a joke.

So RPG with the Super Coffee, we wanted it to be nutritional resourceful, and affordable.
If you stop at one of the coffee chains, it's hard to walk into one of these places and not spend 5 to 15 dollars, right? I mean, it's hard to do.

So what we did with the Super Coffee was provide them a choice of a really good cup of coffee that's going to serve them and serve their body at a price point that everybody can get to.

Let's meet people where they're at, especially in the first responder, the military, and our service member community, and support them here at RPG.

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