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Bonded Through Our Health Journey

By RPG Coffee June 13, 2022

First of all, Chris and Kelly are awesome. If you've ever met Chris, this guy walks in, and some people suck the life out of the room. This guy puts all the energy back in there. He loves and appreciates everybody.

I met Chris through a guy who had a tummy problem. He had an autoimmune disorder.
So, the first time I met Chris, it was like a long-lost brother you hadn't seen in years coming together.

The micronutrients, especially RPG Aloe, were the products we dealt with that helped that person. It was just an incremental monstrous change in this guy's life.

He introduced me and said, "Look, Chris got bitten by a tick, right? He is in his fifties. I can't lift a coffee cup. Do you think it would help him?

But through that health journey, I mean, it bonded Chris and I together.

So Chris was like, "Hey, let's start from a health perspective. Let's not talk business. Let's not even look at that. Man, if you could help me feel better, I would be eternally grateful."

During that experience, it was just, right, a lot of that fellowship and camaraderie that we like, and we just started applying it to a bunch of us that are, let's say, in the 40-plus club, right, just getting healthy again.

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