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About Us

About Us

How RPG Coffee Company is Different

We are a Veteran owned and operated socially responsible Coffee company born to support members of the Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighting Communities by donating 50% of our profit.

Our RPG Coffee is the healthiest, best tasting, sustainably harvested coffee available in the world today. Taking this to the next level we also formulated RPG Super Coffee with Acemannan. This Super Coffee naturally supports a healthy gut, healthy immune system and enhances natural stem cell production.

Our Story

RPG (Real People Giving) Coffee was born of a simple idea. To create a painless sustainable giving model that can start an ever expanding ripple that allows everyone to participate in supporting our members of the Military, Law enforcement and Firefighting communities.

Our Families were looking to connect with other like minded individuals and groups. As we were meeting over coffee discussing ideas the answer was right in front of us, (COFFEE) the universal connector. What better way to change the world than to embrace peoples love of coffee. Let’s make the daily ritual of having a few couple cups of coffee actually make a massive difference in the world. We wanted to be a socially responsible coffee that would not only taste amazing and optimize ones health but would also positively impact the families that work to supply our coffee from the farm to the table all while protecting our planet.

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We were able to exceed all our goals the end result was an amazing flavor that everyone loves and coffee is UTZ certified and Rain forest certified. A Win /Win for everyone. Our families have a rich history in the Military, Law enforcement and Fire fighting communities. Always battling High Stress, Gut Issues, Limited Sleep, Auto immune disorders, compromised immune system challenges, Cancer and physical Trauma from accidents and work injuries. We were introduced to an amazing all natural molecule called Acemannan. The research and positive results that we have seen personally and with so many friends and family were amazing and life changing. We love the simple idea of just adding this to our daily coffee in one easy to use convenient package.

Adding the Acemannan to coffee not only make this the one of the healthiest coffees on the planet it also enhances the unique coffee flavor profile that cannot be duplicated.

Join our ever expanding RPG Coffee family and experience coffee like you never have before. Help us to create a world where taking care of other is just a part of living.

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