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Secret Formula For Better Health

By RPG Coffee August 06, 2022

I got in a pretty nasty car wreck, right? Fractured my back, smooshed my skull, seven years of rehab. It was an awful experience.

Suddenly, now I won't necessarily take for granted the same way something that genuinely you want to protect.

Nate, I can't believe you're the same person. You're looking at the pictures of the crushed vehicles you guys were in. You are looking as if you're getting younger.

You look like you're getting stronger. You look like you're getting better. There has to be some secret formula there.

I love what Tony Robbins always says on the health side, which things don't happen to you. They happen for you.

The truth is, if you weren't in your accident, Nate and if I had not gotten hurt in the military and discovered my diagnosis of Lyme disease along the way.

We never would've been on this journey.

You took it to the other level, Nate, where you said, "Okay, what do I have control of? I have control of my health. I have control of what I put in my mouth."

You went on that same journey that I had to go on that we've seen so many people, but taking responsibility for our health. It's been a fantastic transformation.

If people are not well, let's get them well. For incredibly healthy people, they want to stay that way.

If their body gets any type of dis-ease, they want to bounce back as quickly. RPG's platform did it for us. It'll do it for you.

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