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Optimize Your Body’s Health

By RPG Coffee May 19, 2022

My grandma was from Italy, and I would be that rough and tumble kid out there just playing.
She would always break off a leaf from the Aloe plant that she always had one or two in the house to heal my cuts and burns.

Struggling with my Lyme disease, my other health issues, and my best friend's issues, we start chasing down this path of where we can find the best of the best.

We didn't want any more drugs in our bodies. We wanted natural products.

What do acemannan do for the body, which helped me overcome everything? It modulates my immune system. So it's not overreacting nor underreacting.

It increased my stem cells so all the damage from construction, all those things that I did, and my Lyme disease could heal. It helped to let me eat good foods and absorb all of the vitamins and minerals.

We were able to create an amazing company called Real People Giving. We can heal so many people's lives and allow their bodies to be optimized. It has been an absolute blessing in my life that I got sick, was able to help myself so I can help others.

I'm so excited that we can get this out to the world and change so many lives.

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