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Are You Experiencing Zinc Deficiency?

By RPG Coffee February 25, 2022

So everybody today knows in the news, what are we hearing? Take zinc.


Right. People are zinc deficient. What they don't understand is zinc is a mineral. It's a rock.

It's a rock.


That's right.

So nobody wants to eat a rock.


When you do, most zinc today just passes through the body before it actually gets to do anything. So at RPG, we knew that was unacceptable. So we went on the search, how do we get a bioavailable zinc that actually works with the body instead of fighting the body and that was feeding that zinc mineral to yeast, and then extracting it as a pre-digested yeast, adding the RPG aloe up to 370% increase in the bioavailability. That zinc that the body can use that will change how the body reacts to whatever is coming next.

So here's what's trippy. You ever wonder why everybody's deficient in zinc?

Because it's a rock.

Are you going to go outside and lick the concrete and pick this stuff up?

It's just not commonly found.

So what do we do?

Well, our CEO, Chris Capazzoli and our medical team, here's what they did.

"Look, not only do we need a high quality zinc, but we need it in a platform that people are going to absorb it."

Because there people taking zinc. They're going to the grocery store, and grabbing something that says zinc on there. Right?

What they don't realize is it's just going out the other end and it's not what you eat, it's what you absorb.

Absolutely brilliant.

We came up with a formula at RPG where we can take that high quality zinc and we've got a formula where we can actually feed it to yeast. During that process, we can extract the zinc back where it comes out in it's like, it's wonderful.

You think about free biotic dietary fiber, something that somebody can use.

That's our formulation for zinc.

Now, you couple that in a formula of acemannan, RPG aloe.

What's interesting about RPG aloe, guys, is this:

Every anybody knows, alert the media, aloe is good for me, right?

I mean walk the planet since the days of the Bible, right?

It says half a dozen times in there, aloe vera is mentioned in the Bible. We know that it's good for us. We just don't know why. Most of it's marketing, most of it's  dextrin, artificial colors, flavor, sweeteners. They put the green in there and it's just goo and it's not even aloe anymore. So when you couple, if not the best, one of the best in the entire planet of acemannan to that zinc, that's where people are getting the absorbability.

That's where not only we're getting people healthy, but we're keeping them healthy here at RPG.

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