What Our Customers Are Saying

RPG Coffee takes pride in knowing that our products both serve and support our communities. Below are some testimonials from our customers expressing how our products have impacted their lives for the better.



Chris C • Boston, MA

“I was suffering from an autoimmune disorder from a tick bite and damage to my body from years of construction and my days in the military and was suffering daily. Through the addition of Acemannan into my daily regime I was able to optimize my body to heal itself and now I just feel amazing every day. I am 54 and now I feel like I am 34!

I now have my life back free from the barriers that held me back. I can now play all day with my granddaughter and actually wear her out instead of sitting on the side lines just watching her play. Now with RPG Super Coffee I have a great way to get this life saving molecule and I can feel great that I am also supporting our military members with every cup I drink.

Thank you RPG for making this easy for me and for all you do to help others.”

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