RPG Card Mission

Forget sprinkling kindness around- We want to launch it like a grenade!

I think we can all agree that our world could use a little more love and kindness – RPG is making it our mission to launch some good in the world. Make sure to stop by our next event and grab your RPG Card!

Steps to Play Your Part:


Take this card, put it in your wallet, purse, or pocket and use it as a reminder to seek out the opportunity to do something unexpectedly nice for someone else!


When you do, pass this card along with your good deed to keep the movement going!


Tell us about your good deed so we can all feel good reading about it too! Share your experience with a photo- we want to hear all about your experience! Tell us what happened and where you are from. Don’t forget to use #RPGCards on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


If you received this card as a result of an act of kindness towards you, we hope you are smiling! Let us know how it felt and the impact it had on you using the same #RPGCards, then start at step 1.